Saturday, May 9, 2009

Old stuff

Recently found some old pics of my "art" work---not sure if thats what you call it. Had this idea that I should create a bunch of living spaces for some species of very tiny people, only trouble was that these people didnt have a real good grasp of planning or building codes---oh and of course it had to be a able to move around---the outcome was a this---made of very small peices of wood, loving glued together---balloon is paper mache. Kept me busy for a while.


spinmeister said...

Looks very cool - must have taken a while to build! Perfect album cover picture for some of your recent music! Welcome to the nutty world of blogging.

audiotechnica said...

Hey thanks Spin, thanks for linking me on your eMXR as well---although your kind of forcing me to actually do something worthwhile on here ;)

Ben Burton said...

Hey did Pixar build off of your idea when they made the movie, "Up"?